The Mission of Thomas Kearney Golf is to maximize both enjoyment and performance of the game of golf. 

The Vision is to facilitate the optimal learning and developmental environment to achieve these factors. 

Application Processes define the 'how?'. These are the tangible, actionable methods:

  • Data Informed: gather all the relevant data and information to develop performance plans, whether it be technical, tactical, physical or mental elements.  
  • Education: the performance plan is effectively delivered to the client in an informed yet simple manner so that there is an established clear understanding of the what, why's and how's.
  • Coaching Led with Constraints: when training clients execute challenges and task constraints that accelerate the learning and developmental processes. i.e. drills, challenges, exercises, task constraints and parameters

Coaching Philosophy

Thomas inherently believes in a holistic, all encompassing approach to golf coaching. Rather than follow the limited traditional golf instruction method he has created and continues to evolve a systematic method to accelerate learning and enhance clients' performance. Golf is a multifactorial sport (technical, tactical, physical and mental elements) and it is the role and responsibility for the coach to ensure that the knowledge, experience and application encompasses all of these factors. An educational learning environment is built around Thomas' passionate, motivational and personable demeanor that provides the greatest opportunity for clients to achieve any goal set forth.