Journaling Your Golf Performance

Journaling your golf performance, why?
This latest blog is about the importance of journaling your golfing performance. Many of us are quite reluctant to write down notes or thoughts on any given subject, let alone golf. But, today I want to encourage you to carry out such a task and here’s why:

1. Daily Reflection:
Journaling your golf performance helps you reflect on the progress you made that day/session,/round, by learning from the mistakes you’ve made but also from rewarding yourself on the positive achievements. Quite often we repeat the same mistake time and time again, but with the benefit of journaling we have the ability to constantly measure our performance so that we can predict a trend sometimes before it even occurs.
2. Purpose Awareness:
How many times have you shown up to the course or practice facility and simply ‘gone through the motions’?, without any cognitive awareness of what you’re trying to achieve. We’ve all done it. Journaling our golf performance provides us the opportunity to write down specific goals and targets for that day/round/session. Then at the end we can revisit the journal and assess. This offers fantastic feedback that enhances our cognitive awareness during play or practice. Neurologically we react positively to specific targets rather than vague ideas. I inherently believe that if we build specific, high achieving goals then our mind will passionately and diligently work to figure out ways to succeed in these targets.
3. Gratitude:
We must be thankful for the positives/assets we have in our lives and in our golfing careers. Learn to appreciate all the little things around you and you will receive positivity in return, in abundance. You may be struggling with your driving but let yourself you may have a great short game. So, tell yourself you have a great short game. Focus on your strengths, don’t expose your weaknesses. This mindset allows us to rid ourselves of negativity and achieve an alpha state of mind.

So, next time you’re at the practice facility or at the course, take a moment and write down some thoughts. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the level of feedback you receive.