What is Thomas Kearney Golf?


Thomas Kearney Golf is not conventional golf instruction in the 'faults and fixes' sense. A very different environment is created for clients. A holistic coaching model establishes an environment that enhances learning, optimizes training and ultimately maximizes on-course performance.

In the old school days (pre 1990) of golf instruction we had the 'feel this, feel that' ideology of golf instruction. The golf ball was the sole guide with the absence of not yet created technologies. In the modern era (1990-2010) we have been taken though 2 dimensional video advancements, method teaching, the faults and fixes approach. In the post modern era (post 2010ish) fortunately there is a progressive paradigm shift that blends all beliefs, both the art and the science.

Thomas Kearney Golf is a framework of 'real' fundamentals that each player can work with to form his/her own best games.


For more on this I urge you to read this article written by a fellow coach: http://www.golfwrx.com/238639/you-need-a-golf-coach-not-a-golf-instructor/