Golf Meditation

Golf is an extremely emotional sport. If a golfer wakes up ready and excited for a round of golf, chances are that he/she will succeed. Conversely when a golfer approaches a round in a foul mood, with stress or concerns then the round is more than likely doomed before it begins. Life carries struggles from time to time and this translates directly to our golf game. The worries and concerns on our shoulders inhibit our ability to execute our best golf shots.

Meditation is a wonderful technique that golfers can utilize to help balance the mind both on and off the course. real meditation is how you live your life by purposefully bringing awareness to every moment, otherwise you may miss many of them. whether it be good or bad, the present moment is the only time any of us are truly alive.

-become aware of your breathing and feel the breath moving in and out of your body
-Locate where the breath sensations are most powerful
-listen to the sounds of your body during inhalation and exhaling
-breathe deep breaths through your nostrils and release slowly through your mouth
-become aware of your heart beating while breathing and over time you will notice your heart rate slowing
-if your mind wanders, simply focus your awareness back on your breathing

Meditation is a fantastic tool for golfers to control emotions. It can be performed standing, walking, eating, working out, in between golf shots, anywhere. Regular practice can dramatically improve thought awareness ultimately leading to lower scores and greater success.