How To Practice

Quality over quantity. We have so often heard this cliche but it is amazing to see time and time again how poorly the majority of golfers (from beginners to accomplished players) practice.
So many of us grab a bucket of balls and ‘whack’ away for an hour or so with absolutely no intent or purpose.
How many of you take a moment before practicing and ask yourself – What is my purpose being here?
Much like driving a car, your golf game needs a target or a destination. You wouldn’t get in a car and just ‘hope’ to arrive at your chosen destination would you? No, you would set up directions via your gps so that you have a planned route to get there. Your golf game needs a plan also. Keep a golf journal where you can keep track of your goals and statistics.

It is immensely important to warm up before you practice or play. Do a few simple stretching exercises, paying particular attention to core muscles, hip and shoulder rotation. Fitness is very often a neglected aspect in the game of golf. The human anatomy and physiology dictates what the club head does not vice versa. Motor movements are trained over time with practice so why not aid your body to perform these motor patterns most effectively.

Practice like you play and play like you practice. When on the range or on the practice putting green, it is very important to perform your routine (both mental and physical) prior to each shot. This prepares you effectively and efficiently for any shot you may encounter on the course.

The approach taken during my instruction involves using practice drills and games that isolate specific motor patterns and sequences. This method speeds up the learning process immensely and will reap rewards for your golf game in the long term.

So remember, diligent practice is far more efficient than ‘beating’ thousands of balls without any purpose.